Hours & Policies

Office Hours and Appointments

Regular office hours in the Freeport office are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Appointments can be scheduled in our regional offices as follows:

Day City Attorney
Wednesday Orangeville Lyle A. Krug
Thursday Mornings Elizabeth Nicole M. Bauer
Thursday Afternoons Stockton Nicole M. Bauer

Due to court schedules and other professional commitments, we encourage calling in advance for appointments. Appointments for any of the offices can be scheduled by calling the Freeport office. We can usually arrange to meet with clients on relatively short notice. If necessary, appointments can be scheduled before or after regular business hours or on weekends.

In order to give undivided attention to clients meeting with us, the attorneys do not accept telephone calls when they are in conference. However, telephone messages are delivered promptly, and we make every effort to return calls before the end of the business day or the following morning. While it is not always possible that the attorney responsible for a specific client’s work can return the call within that schedule, we attempt to have at least one of our professional staff members available to deal with any emergency situation which may arise.

Fee Policy

The type of legal services required usually determines whether an hourly fee, fixed fee, or contingent fee arrangement will be entered into with the client. Our hourly rates vary according to the type of work involved and the amount of staff expertise and experience required. Clients are expected to make special arrangements if fees cannot be paid within 30 days of billing. Contingency fee agreements may be available for personal injury cases.

Performance of Client’s Work

Upon accepting work for any client, we provide an explanation of the particular services anticipated, an approximate schedule for completion, and an explanation of our billing arrangement. Throughout our performance of your work, we will forward copies of all significant correspondence, memoranda, forms and documents prepared in your case.


We realize that much of the information a client shares with us is of a sensitive nature. You may speak freely to any staff member with our complete assurance that all information will be treated as confidential and will not be released to any outside source without your permission.