Firm Directory

For the convenience of our clients and friends, our firm has implemented Internet e-mail addresses for each of our staff, including attorneys, paralegals, accountants, and legal assistants. Our goal is to enable you to access our staff at all times.

Department Names E-Mail Extension
General Mailbox 202
Lyle A. Krug 205
Nicole M. Bauer 204
Charles B. Rudolph 220
Ryan Stodden 208
Business Manager Stephanie L. Flynn 214
Legal Assistant Mari Conway 206
Legal Assistant Nancy Stiefel 216
Office Assistant Marcia Blumer 200
Office Assistant Linda Sweet 201
Tax, Estate & Trust Manager Billie Jo Runkle 210
Tax & Legal Paraprofessional Elizabeth (Betty) Sopcic 218

We encourage you to utilize this convenience in order that we might serve you better.  We also encourage you to forward your e-mail address to our office for addition to our electronic newsletter distribution list.